1. New School.Athens Filmmaking - Making of

  2. New School.Athens Filmmaking - The Making-of

  4. 1 month, 12 participants, 36 films. The first filmmaking course of New School.Athens has ended succesfully! 

  5. #New School.Athens

    The most Innovative, Practical Creative Professions and New Technologies School in Greece

  6. Introduction to Photography - back by popular demand this weekend with Kamilo Nollas. Please fill in the application form at

  7. photo by Anders Petersen

    (Source: fehzt)


  8. NewSchool.AthensPhotography launch

    NewSchool.AthensPhotography completed its first workshop for 2012.  Anders Petersen together with 15 people focused on Creative Photography. The week was completed by a talk by Anders and a cocktail party at Kerameikou 53 in Athens.